About Us

Design Concept
Just planning solutions, interior design concept and 3D renderings.
Design Project
Full design of the project: measurement plan, 3d renderings, specifications of furniture, etc!
Project Management
Your project will be realized under control of our team on each phase of it!

Who we are

The Voxx Design culture si driven by three words: Be Passionate, Be Honest and Be Kind. Be passionate about what we do, be honest about how we deliver, be kind in the way in wich we regard and respect each other and out clients.

Every member of our team knows the importance of these qualities and benefits from them too. Relaxed and welcoming, our interior design team does not promote one signature look but, instead concentrates on giving our clients a home that is truly personal and special to them.

Our team consists of interior architects and engineers to cover all project needs, from design to planing and implementation.

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